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My sims 3 is taking forever

My sims 3 is taking forever

Name: My sims 3 is taking forever

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I've been playing Sims 3 a lot recently and I've always been able to save and play, then when I'm done save and quit. But, my recent saves take extremely long and I always just end up ending the Sims and turning off my computer. Check how big your save files are too - Documents. I've been downloading Sims 3 for about 5 hours now thru Origin & it's only at 59%. @Abbie For download issues with Origin, there are a few thing you could try. Please start with the steps in this article and check if the download speeds up. My sims 3 game won't save, when I go to click save from the options menu, it brings up the saving screen, and then takes hours to save before I.

I've read so many of these discussions about it taking forever to load i have a new pc which can handle Sims 3 (yay) but my old one did I have tried three times now to install sims 3. And all three times they have frozen at the same spot and wont load anymore. I have sat and waited for a hour to. Please help, yesterday everything was fine, I played for couple of hours, saved my game few times, then suddenly game won`t save anymore.

19 May The thing is, saving seems to take the longest when traveling and nomatter which save I pick(if it's a new save or not), takes around 3 minutes. My sims 3 game takes forever to install on my laptop. I have a Dell laptop that has GB of free space on its C drive with a Mobile Intel. It all started yesterday that my Sims 3 has just decided to start taking forever to load anything. From clicking start to it actually doing the EA logo. 14 Jan Very long loading time. Why is it so long to load a city? For me it can take like almost 5 minutes or the about. Intel i5 , 8GB RAM, Ati Radeon. I really love it so far, but I'm having one big issue: my sims take ages to .. In sims 3 you'd get rare occasions like this, but it typically meant to.

They helped when I played a save file for so long that it would take up to I keep my Sims 3 graphics settings around medium, with texture and. They are standalone files so if you sort the Sims 3 folder by name, they will . It takes up to an hour to make one sim and in game it takes my town forever to load . The Sims 3's five character traits have been reduced to four here (one of Five years is a long time to sustain a game with expansion content. Help the undecided make up their minds with your take on the upcoming game in the comments!. I have 2 little bars left but they take forever. I have no idea why it's going so slow I thought Sims 3 was supposed to be better but maybe.


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